How to use BPM for Idempiere: create a template

  • first of all we have to create the states of this process: request, sendpurchase order


  • create a new template for the business process
  • open the “process configurator” window and create new one like in the picture
  • insert some metadata



  • now pass in the “transaction” tab and create new lines fro each transaction: 1. contact -> request
  • insert an error message in case of transaction is blocked. In our example the transaction will blocked if the customer info is not inserted to theprocess window


  • then open the condition tab and create the condition about the customer info. The knowledge of the database is recommended


  • go back to the transaction tab and insert the others transaction: 2. request -> send


  • this transaction will be done only if the product requested by the customer has quantity > 16 items in the storage. Otherwise the transaction goes to “purchase order”
  • this transaction is a fork and in the process configurator is represented by two transaction from the same to different states.
  • in the condition on this transaction the product qty in the storage has to be > than 16



  • so we have to insert another condition line where we specified that the qtyOnHand must to be > than 16




  • the next transaction: 3. request->purchase order


  • the transaction is verified only if the product qty in the storage is minor of 16